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Person name General Jeong Bal
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General Jeong Bal

Chungjanggon’s name is JaGo (子固) and the birth place is Gyungju.
He passed the Mukwa (test to become a political officer during the Joseon Dynasty) when he was 25 years old and not long after, went to Jongseong to attack bookno and made himself distinguished by suppressing them,
and served as Gujehyunryung, Wewongunsu, Hunryungbujeong and as Busanjin Chumsa before Imjinwaeran.
At the time of his appointment, Busansung only had 28 private houses and 3 armed vessels, but gathered common soldiers for training and repaired mountain fortresses.
But on the morning of April 30th, 1592, the 25th year of the SeonJo Dynasty, he fought against the Japanese raider leader Gosini Yukinaga’s hundred thousand soldiers on hundreds of ships and died honorably
with Busansung.
Junggongdan (Stone Stairs in a temple) is a Dan that was built outside the south gate of Busanjin, a place where General Jeong Bal died for loyalty during the Imjinwaeran to comfort him and other patriotic martyrs’
souls in1766 (the 42nd year of YongJo Dynasty) by the Busan military officer Lee, Kwang-Guk. Junggongdan is composed of [ChungjanggongJeongBalJanggubi], [Jeungjwaseungjiyigongjunghunbi](Monument) to the back,
[Yulnyuh Ehhyangbi](Monument) to its right, [Jungmangjegongb](Monument) commemorating county residents to its left, and [Chungbok Yongwulbi](Monument) commemorating a loyal servant to tis bottom.
After Junggongdan’s construction, successive generations of Busan military officers handled the ceremonies annually every April 14th of the lunar calendar, but after the abolition of the Chumjuljesa
(military positions) system in 1895, villagers carried out the ceremonies. The Junggongdan Aid Corporation sincerely upholds the annual ceremonies currently.
Dan (stone stairs) was organized as a current condition after historical research in 2010.



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