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Person name Heo Jeong, The Politician from Choryang
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Heo Jeong, The Politician from Choryang

Heo Jeong was born in Choryang-dong 19-10, Busan, Gyeongsang province on April, 8, 1896. At first, he studied Chinese literature in the village school according to the custom. But at the age of 6,
a church was founded by an English missionary in Choryang. There he received a new education in the church’s ‘Yanggukseodang’. He went on to Choryang Private School and Bosung Middle School,
before going on to Bosung College, the predecessor of Korea University.
After graduating, he went to the U.S. via France in July of 1920. In the spring of 1921, he organized and became president of the Korean Association to represent Korean residents in the U.S.,
urging Korean people to unite. He also published ‘Samilshinbo’ with Yoon Heung-seob, Kim Do-yeon and Choi Jun-su.
After returning to Korea, he married Baek Gwi-ran, who was then working as a music teacher at Ilshin Women’s school. He later recalled that he lived without concern for money thanks to her family’s wealth.
Heo Jeong worked with president Ree Syungman while he was serving as president. He later died on September, 18, 1988, at the age of 93.



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