Sister Localities

Connected City Zhifu District of Yantai, China
Connected Date March 5, 1996
Area(㎢) 178㎢ Population Approx. 830,000
Content The two local governments actively react to internalization and promote interactions and economic
growth between places through interchanging knowledge
  • Administrative Divisions: 12 smallest form of admnistrations, 146 Resident’s committee
  • Area Features: The sea and land traffic’s center as the port•Industrial city
  • Main industry: Farming, Fishing industry, Machinery, Electric, Chemical Industry, Textile
    manufacturing, Food and etc
  • Main facilities: Waryong Foreign Investment Develop District, Goshin Technical Industry
    Concentrated District, etc.
  • Educational Institutions: Elementary (144), Middle and High school (29), Universities(9), Science
    Researches (34)
  • Culture Leisure: Leading Touring District, Taepyeongam, History Museum, Yuhuangding
    West road, Chinese play, etc.
  • Sister-city: Busan Donngu, Ulsan Junggu
Xuhui District of Shanghai,China
Connected Date November 26, 2008
Area(㎢) 54.76㎢ Population Approx. 1,040.000
Content Promote active interactions in administrative, education, economy and attract specialized
business for thedevelopment of the Chinatown area.
  • Administrative Divisions: 12 smallest forms of administrative, 1 jin
  • Area Features: Luxury residentials in Shanghai, the center place of science•culture and business
  • History: Place where descents of Ming Dynasty’s scientist SeoKwangGye used to live
  • Public Transportations: 1 line of Subway and 38 lines of city bus
  • Educational Institution: 17 Universities, Middle and High schools 45, Elementary 67
  • Medical Institutions: 19 City Hospitals and 5 District Hospitals
  • Cultural Relics: Longhua temple, Hwangdopasa, Xujiahui Catholic church, International
    service temple, Dognjunggyo temple, the former house of Song Qingling, Longhuayul temple,


공공누리 공공저작물 자유이용허락 제 4유형 출처표시 + 변경금지 + 상업적이용금지 본 공공저작물은 공공누리 “출처표시+상업적이용금지+변경금지” 조건에 따라 이용할 수 있습니다.

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