Donggu symbol mark

"As the birthplace and gateway of Busan, our district harmonizes tradition with a strong future orientation, reflected in this emblem." The oval emblem, with a width to height ratio of 7:6, represents the pride, harmony, local patriotism, and love of Dong-gu’s citizens, striving for advancement. On the left half of the emblem, we see the left portion of the Chinese character "東"(‘dong’, meaning ‘east’) depicted in a contemporary style, representing the tradition and long history of Dong-gu, the birthplace of the port of Busan. The right half of the emblem represents the future of Dong-gu, as it powerfully stretches out to five continents and six oceans. The two contrasting colors, deep blue and red, denote the continuation and handing down of tradition and innovation and dynamic progress.

Brand slogan for Donggu

동구의 브랜드 슬로건

Linguistic Meaning

“Sing-sing Dong-gu"s linguistic meaning is the happy city full of liveliness and fun and holds the images of riding for a better future “sing-sing” the center of Busan and an active Dong-gu. The design’s wise meaning holds the symbol of strongly going forward with the sunrise and water, land, and sky will together become one with its citizens. A better future of Dong-gu’s development is actively expressed and holds a positive image of district.

The meaning of the design

  • The first character『s』describes the actions of an ever so hopefully sprawling ocean to the continent as the Busan’s gateway city.
  • Blue : Ocean
  • Red : Land
  • Sun : A new beginning


공공누리 공공저작물 자유이용허락 제 4유형 출처표시 + 변경금지 + 상업적이용금지 본 공공저작물은 공공누리 “출처표시+상업적이용금지+변경금지” 조건에 따라 이용할 수 있습니다.

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