Before 1950

It is believed that the people in our area have lived ever since ancient times because trade with foreign countries had been nonstop since its earliest development along the harbor and was under Byunhan during the Three Han periods, Ulju-gun during the Three States periods, and Dongraebu Dongpyunmyun during the Joseon Dynasties.
新石器時代 漁勞, 狩獵, 原始農耕 (約 3,000年前)
三韓時代 Was included in Byunhan and then to Guchisanguk after ruled by Geumgwangaya
三國時代 Was included in Silla territory, Included in Dazeunghyun (Later to Dongpyeonghyun)
after building the Guchilsanguk
新羅時代 Merged Guchilsanguk – Built Guchilsangun, merged Garakguk – Built Geumgwangun,
changed Guchilsangun to Dongraegun
後三國時代 Temporarily went under the rule of late Baekje
高麗時代 Include in Uljugon after making the hyun by attacking Dongraegun and include the
Dongpyonghyun to Yangjugun
朝鮮時代 Was included in Gyeongsangdo Dongraegun Dongraehyun in 14th year of Jungjong,
Raised to Dongraedohobu in the 2nd year of Myungjong(1547), 25th year of Sunjo
(1592) Raised to Dongraehyun and included in Dongraebu Dongpyongmyun in 1740
(16th year of King Yongjo)

* Then Dongpyungmyun is current Busanjingu Danggamdong, Gayadong, Donggu
areas and Dongraebu is Eupnaemyun, Dongmyun, Nammyun Namchonmyun,
Dongpyungmyun, Sumyun, Bukmyun’s 7myun 22dongs 79ris and population was
19,099, Dongpyungmyun was Buhyunri, Gammulri, Dangri, Miyori, Gayari, Busan
station nari, Beomcheonri, Beomcheon 2ri, Jwabaekcheon 1ri, Dumopori, Hajungri,
as well as other 12ris
January 1, 1910 Included in Dongraegun Busanmyun (Choryangdong was included in Sajungmyun)
Busanmyun at the time was Beomil 1dong, Beomil 2dong, Jwacheon 1, 2dong,
Jwacheondong, Sujungdong, Dongcheondong, Rohadong, Subudong, Sansudong,
and other 10 dongs
December 1, 1913 Part Dongraegun Busanmyun, Sajungmyun was included to Busanbu
April 1, 1914 Belonged to Busanbu Busanmyun (Beom 1dong, Beom 2dong, Jwa 1dong,
Jwa 2dong, Jwacheondong, Dongcheondong, Sujungdong, Dupodong, Sansudong,
August 15, 1949 Renamed Busanbu to Busan City


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