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Person name Park, Ki-Chul, Choryang Park Surgery Surgeon Turned Politician
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Park, Ki-Chul, Choryang Park Surgery Surgeon Turned Politician

To succeed his fathers business in medicine, he graduated from the Tokyo Medical College of Japan, the current University of Tokyo Medical School, and returned from Japan to work at Busan Provincial Hospital.
In 1942, he enrolled in the University of Kushu in Japan and received a degree on Mathematics and a PhD in medicine.
He was the third Busan born person to have received a diploma from Japan and is recorded in the Busan Medical History book.
He left Bulim Hospital in 1943, opened the Gwangbon Surgery Clinic in Choryang dong, Donggu, Busan. He changed the hospital’s name to Park Surgery then closed the hospital for good due to the Military coup in May 16th,
He not only contributed to social enlightenment through the press by managing a daily newspaper,
Sanggongilbo, in Busan, but also donated his personal fortune and built a coeducation middle school at the foot of Gubong Mountain in Choryangdong to pave way for people who were in destruction and despair during
the Korean War. He stepped into the political world before the 7th election of National Assembly members election in 1967.
He participated in the newly integrated party the New Democratic Party, and ran in Donggu Busan’s general election that same year on June 8th. He was elected instead of the ruling party.
This was when he first became a member of Congress during his 20 years as a politician.



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