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Person name Yang Han-Na, the Female Anti-Japan Activist
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Yang Han-Na, the Female Anti-Japan Activist

Her birth name was Gwi-nyum. She devoted herself to the independence movement in Shanghai, China. Her dedication and determination in the cause was so fierce that it made An Chang-ho give her the name ‘Han-na’,
wishing her to be a person with strong will like Mt. Halla.
She was one of the first four graduates of Ilshin Women’s High School. Here she set her basic framework of working for women, people and society which she kept on throughout her entire life.
She also had influence in the church community, working as a Sunday School teacher, principal, and deacon of Busanjin Church in the early 1920s. In 1926, she moved to Choryang Church,
where she was selected as an elder and took charge of the business of the church. After the independence movement, she served as the mayor of Busan from 1946 to 1948, and became minister of Agriculture and Forestry.
She devoted her whole life to be an independent activist and a social worker. She was also a leader of the Young Women’s Association of Busan, which had a strong sense of anti-Japanese sentiments.
Throughout her life, she cared for women with misfortune.Her spirit of practicing true love is now resting in the small space she spent her last days (now Yang Han-na Hall) and is commemorated by a monument
in front of the Jamae Spirit Nursing Home.



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